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Customer-orientation, innovation and progress – those are just a few of the focal points of our business;  that’s what keeps us motivated and driven – carefully designing strategies and implementations to support the expansion without neglecting the needs of our consumers. 

Acquisition Plus is not your everyday advisory firm. With a strong focus on the future and a strong background in areas such as finances, M&A and re-development, we strive to be the one-stop solution for all your business growth. 

Our highly trained and educated personnel will help you every step of the way to manage your resources to a maximum efficiency. With a strong linguistic background, with 10 spoken and written languages, we can guarantee that everything is communicated in a way that everyone will understand.

Utilizing our focus and attention on what really matters, you’ll have a strong partner with Acquisition Plus at all times. With offices in Europe and Asia, we keep a finger on the pulse of your individual market and make sure that nothing is being left out when it comes to your business growth. 

We’ll guide you through the process and explain every step on the way as we proceed. With us, your business is in good hands!


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About Acquisition Plus

Acquisition Plus offers a wide variety of services to help your business grow. We will use all resources at our disposal to focus on your particular wishes and individual needs.
The customer relation is important to us and innovative thinking is our strength.We’ll guide you through the process and explain every step on the way as we proceed. With us, your business is in good hands!

Our Services

We will help your business excel in several business sectors. We focus all our expertise into services such as valuation services, M&A deal processes, financial advisory services, financial accounting valuation, reorganization services, financial advisory, real estate strategies advisory, M&A tax advice and several more.
All business services under one roof.


We help you with all phases of your planned investments. We guide you through the process individually and take care of all legal processes along the way, so you can focus on other pending work that is important to you.
With our highly trained personnel, Acquisition Plus is not only the right choice for your business, but also for your corporate future.

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