We help you handle commodity exposure from hedging and investing perspectives


Advising you on commodities exposure.

We offer a full and far-reaching range of commodities service for handling commodity exposure from both hedging and investing perspectives.

Our advisory approach is based on extensive analysis of all sectors from energy and agricultural commodities to industrial and precious metals and the banks far reaching macro and geo-political research.

Commodities can account for a significant part of the total cost base of our industrial clients. And with market volatility almost a given, there is now a greater need for companies to manage commodity related risks with the same accuracy as they do for currencies and interest rates. To achieve this we provide products and services covering everything from simple hedging products, risk advisory services, to more advanced hedging strategies.

For investors, the commodity markets have become increasingly attractive as they have become more developed. They offer good historical returns and the opportunity of risk diversification. We have a full range of products for commodities investors including access to most major commodity markets, different types of commodity funds, as well as trading and index products.

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