Lease Restructuring

Whether you’re a landlord trying to protect your asset as an investment or an occupier looking to make substantial savings for your business, a lease restructuring could be a golden opportunity in a difficult market.

Lease Negotiation

Sitting shoulder to shoulder at the negotiating table has provided the Acquisition Plus team with a wealth of experience to assist you in your next lease negotiation.

Lease positioning

Be in a stronger position when negotiating a lease. With our guidance and experience, we’ll help you get the best possible lease positioning.

Client Service

At Acquisition Plus, we offer a targeted approach to optimizing leased real estate assets and processes. We guide our clients throughout the entire process.


Commercial Lease Negotiation

The Acquisition Plus Real Estate lease restructuring program is crafted from a unique and targeted approach to optimizing leased Real Estate assets. Engaging Acquisition Plus will produce significant benefits not only to companies in transition, but also for those who simply want to reduce their occupancy expense structure. Lease repositioning and advisory solutions target all forms of leasehold obligations, including rent reduction, lease renewal, assignment /sublease, or lease termination.

Acquisition Plus has till date successfully helped clients with mitigated, lease-related financial obligations for over 5,000 leases worldwide, resulting in millions of dollars in savings.

  • Our company goal is focused on providing and developing ways to lower Real Estate costs and maximize non-economic advantages in leases, utilizing a four-step process to achieve the best results for our clients:
  • We conduct complimentary lease portfolio analyses to identify potential (and comprehensive) opportunities
    We structure individual formats for each lease agreement, one that defines the advantages and circumstances of the tenants and landlords.
    We help craft a clear message, specific to each lease agreement and landlord, that sets forth desired restructuring /renewal/disposition concessions.
  • We meet with landlords on your behalf, negotiate in good faith, report results to the individual clients, and, upon approval, facilitate execution of documents


Acquisition Plus is a third-party Real Estate firm for a large chain of wellness centres, and has successfully renewed/restructured 500+ leased locations throughout Thailand, China, Italy and Singapore; saving the company over $100 million, including critical noneconomic provisions within countless leases.

Acquisition Plus successfully restructured the lease of corporate office headquarters plus 10 additional leased locations nationwide for a private publishing client as part of a downsizing of their manufacturing operations. Millions of dollars in cost savings were generated for the company and its new private equity owners.

For a restaurant chain with more than 45 locations internationally, Acquisition Plus generated $12 million in sales proceedings from the disposition of non-core owned locations and saved the company $4+ million via re-negotiated lease restructures.

• For an international fashion retailer, Acquisition Plus completed an analysis and lease repositioning project on a portfolio of 500+ retail stores in conjunction with their corporate restructuring and recapitalization. In excess of $6 million in savings was secured on behalf of this mall-based retailer. 

“We guide you towards your unique goal and targets with our proven concepts and strategies. We aid you with our broad experience to help you minimize costs and maximize value.”

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