M&A Advisory

We provide advice on corporate mergers, acquisitions, divestitures as well as debt and equity financing.

M&A Deal Process

We advise corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle. From selecting the right partner to conducting a thorough due diligence – all the way down to closing the deal in close collaboration with you.

Financial Advisory Service

As a reliable and professional advisor for mergers and acquisitions, valuations, corporate restructurings and much more, we at Acquisition Plus support the management strategies of corporations in order to help enhance corporate value.

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  • M&A Advisory
  • M&A Deal Process


M&A Advisory

We aid you with discovering new markets, technologies, assets, intellectual property and source of finance; ideal if your organic grow does not satisfy the wishes and needs of your investors.

Our consulting team consists of top market experts using only modern and innovative strategies, so each company that we assist can overcome the critical issues accompanying M&A. 

We provide collaborative strategic advisory to help facilitate transactions. We will increase your potential market and further develop longterm plans in order to help you achieve a constant business growth. Our experience and knowledge in this sector will be at your full disposal when choosing us . We are a powerful ally to any company interested in property acquisition and asset disaggregation to support expansion initiatives.

At Acquisition Plus we collaborate closely with our clients in order to help them valuate and acquire businesses worldwide. We help maximize the valuation of the new location, as well as relieving the client of the work and expense of disposing unwanted assets.

  • We provide capital that is necessary to purchase unwanted or duplicative assets (for example, going-concern divisions, real estate, excess and obsolete inventory, FF&E, intellectual property, etc.).
  • The client only accepts the locations and related assets it wants, thereby reducing acquisition costs.
  • The seller receives more value for the unwanted assets because of our involvement. This can help facilitate seller acceptance of a deal with the client.
  • The client’s management can focus on the go-forward business, while we handle the disposition of unwanted and duplicative assets.

We offer the necessary bandwidth and experience to successfully handle all situations. We integrate seamlessly with your operations, real estate, and legal staff to augment stretched internal resources. As your dedicated agent, we offer brokerage services and auctions for the sale/leaseback of core properties, sale of nonessential owned or leased properties, and an experienced team of lease restructuring professionals to minimize liabilities and maximize value in connection with core leased locations.

M&A Deal Process ~ M&A Lifecycle

At Acquisition Plus, we advise corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle. From strategy development to selecting the right partner, we help you conduct thoroughly each step of the way in terms of due diligence to help you closing the deal. Throughout the integration process, or perhaps even a divestiture, we align our services to address your transactional and integration needs, all with the goal of building value for our clients.

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures can be a significant avenue to success, but it often involves more than just closing a deal. Successful companies develop strategic plans for M&A – from target identification to acquiring, integrating and growing a business; planning for downturns and developing potential exit strategies. Whether you are contemplating a joint venture in an emerging market, complex domestic, or multinational play, or divesting of non-core assets, the stakes are high and you must be successful in order to expel in your business goals.

Our end-to-end merger, acquisition and divestiture advisory services are specially customized to your needs – with an industry and sector emphasis. Allow Acquisition Plus to advise you throughout the whole M&A Life cycle by helping you define the right strategy, realize your goals, and identify additional opportunities.

Financial Advisory Services

As a reliable professional advisor for M&A, valuation and corporate revival/restructuring, we support corporations’ management strategies closely to enhance corporate value.
We respond to various needs and requirements through a one-stop approach in critical aspects of all management strategies, such as M&A transactions, restructurings, raising capital, forensic investigations and tax advice.
We cover all aspects of M&A so that critical issues accompanying M&A can be surmounted.

Acquisition Plus provides specialist consulting services to corporations facing various difficulties relating to M&A and we make full use of a wealth of experience and a tested track record to provide advice covering all aspects of M&A, so that each company can overcome the critical issues accompanying M&A.

Our complete and consistent advisory services range from finance/business due diligence to supports for revival scheme planning, action plan formulation, financial restructuring implementation, and business restructuring.

We also offer continuing support to enhance corporate value to your company through an integrated service from the formulation of corporate reorganization strategies to final consolidation support.

M&A Tax Advice

In order to respond accurately and quickly to the needs of our clients, Acquisition Plus brings together tax professionals with extensive expertise in the field of M&A tax to provide M&A services. 

Valuation Services

Our valuation specialists at Acquisition Plus provides a complete and objective set of services ranging from the construction of valuation models to the valuation advice on merger and intellectual property rights.

Real Estate Strategies Advisory Services

Regarding Real Estate strategies, which are critical themes to all firms regardless of business sector, we provide Real Estate related services such as CRE strategies services, Real Estate due diligence and project profitability analysis, and so much more from the perspective of corporate value enhancement.



Reorganization Services

Our Reorganization service team offers our clients an in-depth business- and financial investigation, advisory and turnaround service for your underperforming business, or a business you have a stake in that you want achieve sustainable growth with.

Financial Advisory

We can assist in the identification of strategic partners, buyers or vendors that meet our clients’ exact criteria, shortlist the best prospects, as well as formulate negotiation strategies to help your company achieve the best possible results.

Financial Accounting

We provide specialist services relating to valuations of assets and liabilities required in various aspects of financial reporting such as accounting treatment and footnote disclosure. Our expert team has a vast experience in accounting and valuation.


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